6 nights a week and 4 great places to sing!                       Jennifer!    

 The new addition to the Karaoke shows and learning all the tricks and tips that you need to keep things going whether it's because I can't be there, or just because.  ;-)  There have been a couple of times not so recently when I couldn't do or run a show and had to cancel.  In the years of doing this, I think July 2013 was the first time I'd ever had to call in sick. So, I found someone as fun, funny, "intutitive" and down right grouchy <evil> (as in, won't put up with BS but love ya all anyway) as me and HAD to ask if she'd like to help.  That same grin as in the picture was accompanied with a YES!, so here we are.  If you already know Jen, you'll also know that it has been great.  If you don't, come to any show and get to know her. She is also now the Bar Manager at Main Street Bistro where there is now Karaoke on Mondays.  Her Email and phone are on her cards (pictured above) and you can contact her that way as well. (Great Spam traps on the ISP & they tell ME, so behave.)    :-) 

I've got the latest Song List up as of Aug 16, 2017.  (And yes, I'm still working on it) <grin>
If there is a song I don't have and you want it in the list,
E-mail, or text message me and ask.  IF it's available, I WILL find it.            
New Books / Lists as of Aug. 16th 2017.  Be sure to download them and pick your songs ahead of time.

Remember to Email or Text me for something you want that's not in the lists.
I will find it, if it's available.
If it is at a Venue with WiFi OR Verizon service, I MAY be able to, and probably will get it right then and there.

For a little side trip to some fun, click on ol' Blue there.  :-) 

I've added a new link to a few pic's taken at a few places...   Karaoke Pics!  (YOU COULD be in one of these...) <grin> Page updated LONG ago.

 A BIG Thanks to all of you that made 2016 as good as it was and 2017 as good as it's been!
Karaoke Shows: (Info repeats with Pictures of places & others things, lower down this page.)


Mondays at Main Street Station & bistro

Hope to see lots of youngun's there too! 
There is now another place in Guerneville where the kids can come, have some dinner or a snack
and prove to their parents and others how talented and brave they are.  :-)


Tuesdays AND Thursday's,  McT's Bull Pen 
October 18th will be the 7 year anniversary of my Karaoke at McT's Bull Pen!!

There's Always a LOT of fun to be had at McT's Bull Pen!  Singin' Bartenders too!
Live Bands, DJ's and ME!  
8:00 start time.
http://www.mctsbullpen.com and https://www.facebook.com/groups/150469521651374/

Friday's AND Sundays, The R3 Hotel! 
8:00PM to at least Midnight! (1:00 AM on the BUSY nights!) 
"House"Amp & Speaker - sound system that I use rather than the systems used elsewhere!. Be EARLY to get on the list faster.
Up to 8 Monitors and more FUN!   (No more 2 in a row starters/singers.)  (707) 869-8399
http://www.TheR3Hotel.com  AND


Saturday's,  (On hold) Northwood Restaurant* 
Between Guerenvile and Monte Rio.    19400 CA-116, Monte Rio, CA 95462 
(707) 865-2454
9:00 to Midnight or 1:00, depending on the crowd. GREAT FOOD and people and a fantastic sounding room!


*No Saturday Karaoke for awhile unless a large group wants and asks.
On Hiatus until further notice, But you still need to check out their great food and service.  :-)

If a song I don't have
is available, I can AND WILL get it
"NOW" at ALL of these shows.
I've been on line w/Face Book from all locations to post an update or 2 or 7.  ;-) 

And, of course, I'm on Face Book at:  http://www.facebook.com/the.Country.Dan  :-)
(Now as Dan Hartmann , FB Stole my "CountryDan". Our Karaoke Schedule is the background pic on my new page.)

Just in case I forget to update here on time, remember,               
EVERY Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.,  & Sun., there's                 
Karaoke at the River.   Any drastic changes will be posted asap.

KARAOKE with Country Dan
AND Jennifer!

Almost 150,000 songs to choose from (I've deleted a ton of bad and duplicate stuff)
and you MUST be over 21 to attend Shows at the The Bull Pen & R3 Hotel
, but ALL Ages are welcome at both Main Street and Northwood!   

Click here for the main information pages 


Mondays6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Main Street Bistro, 16280 Main Street, Guerneville, CA 95446
Phone (707) 869-0501

Walking distance to almost everything else in Guerneville!
(Free WiFi )


Started Thursday, October 14th, 2010 at 9 PM. (Now starts at 8:00 PM) Free (POWERFUL) WiFI!

Tuesday and Thursday Karaoke!

Click  McT's Bullpen on Facebook  or McT's Bull Pen  MAIN Web Page.
October 17th will be the SEVEN year anniversary of Karaoke at the Bull Pen!! 

Tuesdays AND Thursdays at 8pm if no games are on the big screen. 
Running until at least 12AM. Probably until 1AM

New SUPER Video displays - VGA - Crystal clear on 2 monitors!  Working on more.  :-)

  Great Drinks! Great Bartenders and GREAT FUN!
  You MUST be 21 (or older) to attend OR participate in this show at the Bull Pen.
 (Free WiFi ask for the PW if you can't connect, it changes.)

   "The R 3 Hotel"  Jan 1, 2012 we're back!
                IS OPEN and READY for EVERYONE!   
(Free WiFi ask for the PW if you can't connect, it changes.)

       Karaoke on Fridays and Sundays!
8PM to at least Midnight, maybe later... 

  • 16390 4th Street  P.O. Box 450   Guerneville, California 95446   707.869.8399
    (Was the Russian River Resort. Note the newer phone # from the old RRR)
  • Northwood Restaurant & Bistro  No more Saturday Nights.*
    Between Guerneville and Monte Rio.    19400 CA-116, Monte Rio, CA 95462 
    (707) 865-2454*

    *Unless there is a Special or large group and I get a call, we're on hiatus.

    Be sure to come out and sing from your hearts this week...*

     Click here for My great Calendar,
    OK It's kind'a boring but it says where I'll be doing what, and when I'll be there.   :-)
    There's WAS a bit more than just my Karaoke on that calendar...  If you would like something added (Sisters, Locals?), an event or...
    Please let me know.  There are a lot of people that check THIS page often and MANY that wind up here by accident,
    when looking for Karaoke, that look around a bit before leaving. Some local and some not.

    My Voice and Text, Contact Information: 

    >> Cell Phone 707-888-1097  for voice and text. Preferred. <<
    AND Voice MESSAGES or Text 707-394-5176 or
     707-869-5804.  There's always Email as well. 

    Also on Face Book  facebook.com/The.Country.Dan (Forced to a "page" now, so I'm just "Dan Hartmann" and the background picture is the Karaoke Schedule.)

    now lists my shows.  Search by town names to get proper info. This works
    for a lot of other shows TOO.  You can search by TOWN or Venue name (IE: Guerneville, Santa Rosa, San Francisco,
    Bull Pen, Northwood, Nutty Irishman. etc.)  You can search for MANY shows, not just mine.
    AND THEY HAVE AN  iPhone APP  FOR THAT!  Free too!  in the App store, Search for "ISing karaoke locator" 
    They DO have an app w/o Ad's for 1.99 as well, but w/ad's, the app is free.
    There might be an Android or other app's too.  I don't know.  Check for "ISing Karaoke Locator".

    I ALSO WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!!!   I AM  STILL #1 or #2 on all three search engines
    and "I" didn't do anything to get there.  If you Search for "COUNTRYDAN" on the
    three main search engines, I'm the first or second (non paid) one listed.

    Check the dates and file names on the PDF files. and LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING THE LISTS..
    The NEWEST song list (In PDF format only) is on line and downloadable.
    Aug. 16th, 2017.
    MOST (but not all) dupes have been removed by the book  program.  Go to the song list page to download it.
    I can't EVEN print these yet, (700+ pages!) so download away and  search at home OR bring a
    CD that I can burn them to, to a show OR a Thumb drive that I can load the files to.
    I am editing the songs themselves to help the book be smaller.
    RED ON YELLOW IS A CLICKABLE LINK through out this page

    Opinions on the Wisdom page were updated awhile ago.  http://www.countrydan.com/wisdom.htm

    To go directly to the SONG LIST download page, click below:
    NEW BOOKS AS OF Aug 16th, 2017... Still "messy" w/errors and bad names, but better...

    I'm still editing, fixing and deleting bad songs, dupes and mis-named tracks. DO check it for new music!

    KARAOKE with Country Dan

     Almost 140,000 songs to choose from (I've deleted a ton of bad stuff)
    and you MUST be over 21 to attend Shows at the all venues other than Main Street Bistro.

    Click here for the main information pages OR

      Click here for My great Calendar,

    • You may have to allow pop-ups on my pages as most windows will open in a NEW window.
      If you prefer not to allow pop-ups, although
      I PROMISE there are NO ads here,
      right click the link and "open in new window".


    I have a page HERE with embedded videos of a few singers.
    You can find at the top of the side bar of links on page one at:
    OR directly at:


      There is a Russian River Resort YouTube page!
    The Direct link to it is:

    I WAS going to take that page down and move the videos to mine,
    but now I'll have to remove and rename the resort.  That's OK.  :-) 

    There is a tip jar at all Karaoke shows, run by all KJ's.  No one HAS to tip, but it IS "customary" to tip through out the night.  Some tip a dollar a song while others tip once with more and some NEVER do. (tsk tsk) No one HAS to tip a DJ, a KJ, or even a bartender, but it IS considered proper form, especially if you are getting to sing a lot or like what you are hearing and seeing.  There are several people that never sing, but will tip and say thanks for the entertainment on their way out. Most nights, that is all that winds up in the tip jar.  Other times, someone will remind the crowd and there will be $20 or more in it.  In my case, tips are all I will use now to purchase new music and THAT fund has been small lately. Tipping or not though, you are all loved and more than welcome to come in and have a blast.

    IF you sign up and don't answer when called to sing, after three times calling your name I will cross you off  UNLESS you have told me you'll be gone a FEW minutes.  You must let me know ahead of time.  If you are crossed off and return, you may add yourself back at the bottom of the list.  If you leave before you are due to sing. please let me know as well.    IF there are no, (or very few) people at a Karaoke event, I will shut things down and quit for the evening.  I can not charge a bar or resort to run a show that no one attends.   Thanks...

    (NO MORE) 2 in a row sign up's.

    More information and the MAIN page is at: www.CountryDan.com/page1.htm

    Return, or go to the MAIN pages at CountryDan.com



    "There is this long, wonderful history of the human race written in blood. We have this tendency to just take what we want. And that's how we treat the natural world as well. There's this sense of we're here, we're big, we've got the guns, we've got the technology, therefore we're entitled to every damn thing on this planet. That's NOT how it works and we're going to find out the hard way if we don't kind of wise up and start seeking a life that's in balance with the natural life on Earth."   A quote from James Cameron.      

    Those of you not in to any kind of Spiritual Thinking (as opposed to "religion") should take a good look at the alternative news sources, meaning SOME of the channeled messages, any NON MAIN STREAM MEDIA and a lot of information around the Mayan Calendar.  While I am NOT one of those thinking the world is going to "end" in 2012,  I DO believe we are in for a major change to the way we live, think and act towards others.  Anger, hate and vengeance can no longer be the rule.  Greed and dishonesty are going to become a thing of the past.  Love (and I don't mean lust, though that's not BAD) is going to HAVE to rule the way we think and act or we simply aren't going to be around much longer.  Compassion, gratitude and understanding (not liking, but understanding) will be the way we live or we won't live.   After doing a lot of reading (studying or research) I am of the opinion that the Mayan calendar ended it's cycle in 2011 (Oct 28th actually), not 2012 (as pushed by the Main Stream Media) and the cycles that started by taking millions of years to go through the days and nights (7 days and 6 nights for each cycle) will in 2011 take a whole 20 DAYS per day/night. We're there NOW. (Again, Not the end of the world!)  (Note Oct, 2013 - Obviously) We as a people, world wide, have got to stop following the (ANY) party line, doing what "they" want and start thinking for ourselves.  Rely on intuition more than your thoughts and let your feelings be much more of a guide than in the past.  As things get faster (<evolution> as described in the Mayan calendar, not time itself) we won't have time to "think" things through and our intuition will be what saves us from major mistakes.   Watch and notice and you will see "the powers that be" or TPTB become "the Powers that WERE" or TPTW. I'm still watching and waiting. If you are at all interested, you can send me an Email and I will forward some of the information I have (or links to it).  If not, just come sing, watch and listen and enjoy.  :-)   SOME of the sites I read are...
    http://www.urbansurvival.com/week.htm  Financial news and a lot more.  Articles/blog flow for the week.
    The "Web Bot Project" 
    (New reports released often )
       TONS of Mayan Calendar information
    (Yes, even beyond 2012)
    http://divinecosmos.com/ David Wilcock's page.More New Age, (not NWO) and other info
    http://www.fourwinds10.com/  News AND MORE, take with a grain or BLOCK of salt as it CAN be overly conservative or religious.

    Lately, my MAIN source for digital Karaoke tracks has been Tricerasoft.com  If this does not open correctly, try a copy & Paste of that w/o the actual embedded link. I also use http://www.buykaraokedownloads.com and once in awhile will still buy a real disk.  :-) Since I buy credits on the first one, I can, IF available, get a song while at any venue now.

    Karaoke is not for EVERYONE, but then again, (almost) nothing IS...
    If you like Music, Singing or just fun, it could be for YOU! (We NEVER MAKE ANYONE sing, but we DO have fun messin' with those that won't.)  Great singers as well as the not so good ones are ALL entertaining!  Really!  :-)  

    E-Mail: Dan@CountryDan.com  

     The Entire Song List, with close to 150,000 lines, is available on line!
    The list, the books, NOT the music itself or the songs OR the lyrics.



    Click here for The NEW, IMPROVED, MASSIVE and HUGE lists! Almost 150,000 tracks!
    ALL of my current Digital music was lost in a major computer and hard drive crash New Year Eve 2012, but using ancient back up's, and re-ripping tons of disks
    I'm now RE-editing file names and removing dupes.  So the lists will be a little "off" for awhile.  All SONGS are still available,
    but some brands will not be until I re-rip some CD's or check for digital downloads I've purchased.  I am also editing all of the file
    "names" so that all are first name first and song names are more alike.  This will shrink the books down a lot too. 


    Copyright © 2000-2017. All rights reserved.
    This document may not be copied in part or full without express written permission, FROM ME. :-)